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Billboard 101: Michael Stamper

Use It Up! by Michael Stamper


November 2008 through February 2009
Your Art Here presents Use It Up! by artist Michael Stamper for the Billboard 101 project located in downtown Bloomington, 101 East 6th Street, Walnut/6th. The billboard will be mounted thru February 2009.

Artwork Statement

Use It Up! is about using up all of our non-renewable natural resources! Once all of our natural resources have been used up, the faster we can move on to new and better technology to produce the energy currently generated by burning oil, coal, and natural gas.

Artwork Bio

Michael Stamper has lived all over the state of Indiana. He received his undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design and Art History from Indiana University, Bloomington (IUB) in 2001. Afterwards he went off into the “real” world and worked for IUB as a designer for five years. During this period he also applied and got accepted in the Graphic Design MFA program at IUB. He graduated (again) in Spring 2008 and now works for Hirons & Company as an Art Director/Designer in Indianapolis.

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Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project: Hannah Walsh

Untitled by Hannah Walsh


Your Art Here presents Untitled by artist Hannah Walsh for the Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project. The billboard will be mounted April thru May 2007.

Artwork Statement

This piece is about scale. It’s about the individual in relationship to the barrage of information and advertising, to the corporate world, to the government and to the national and global population. It’s a challenge for an individual to negotiate a culture dominated by giants, to interpret the amount of information and perspectives we are presented with and to find a voice and a place in a crowded and noisey environment.

Artist Bio

Hannah Walsh was born and raised in Indiana. She attends Indiana University and will graduate in May 2007 with a BFA Sculpture and BS in Linguistics. She is currently in a group show at Gallery Korea in New York City and plans to take time off before attending graduate school.


Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project: Judith G. Levy

‘We didn’t know, until they told us’ by Judith G. Levy

Your Art Here presents ‘We didn’t know, until they told us’ by artist Judith G. Levy for the Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project. The billboard will be mounted May 2006.

Artwork Statement

In this current body of work, I investigate public/private domains. I am interested in using sign-making making materials and processes to address content that is not usually found in commercial signs, but instead, reflects the complicated, charged nature of our psychological, social and political worlds. The images often float in uncomfortable, ambiguous spaces that mirror our own positions, as we attempt to understand both the internal and external worlds in which we live. I have intentionally refined the imagery in order to create contrast with the complexity of the content. I am also interested in examining the changing nature of public information and private concerns and the choices that individuals and groups make in these arenas. By combining low-tech (drawing with a pencil) with high-tech (computerized sign-making processes), I underscore how our experiences are simultaneously simple and complex.

Artist Bio

Judith G. Levy is a native New Yorker and lived in the Hudson Valley in New York State before moving to the Midwest in1998. She has exhibited her work in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, North Dakota, Kentucky, and in Canada.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Drawing and Painting from Hunter College in New York City and a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Adelphi University.

Judith lives in Indianapolis and works fulltime as an artist.


Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project: Shashana Chittle

Correct me if I’m wrong by Shashana Chittle


Your Art Here presents correct me if I’m wrong by artist Shashana Chittle for the Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project. The billboard will be mounted September 2006.

Artwork Statement

“1=+1” and “correct me if I’m wrong” are two pieces that take personal sentiments that I rarely express and attempt to offer them for others to relate to. 1=+1 is a shy attempt at optimism, while “Correct me if I’m wrong” is a shy attempt at self-confidence. Both of these pieces embody the hope for hope I’ve been struggling for, given the war and the political climate of recent years.

“1=+1” is a way of thinking about non-qualified facts and quantities, since the number one is necessarily positive unless specified otherwise, 1=+1 is a way of abstractly integrating a belief in positivity into one’s daily life. I believe the equation also acts much like a Buddhist koan in the way that is it clear and unclear at once. Each of the two items in the photo, “correct me if I’m wrong” carry contradictory messages. Positioned against a black background, a dead dove is juxtaposed with a heart shaped post-it note that has “correct me if I’m wrong” tentatively written in white-out on it. I feel that the pairing of these conflicting but heartfelt symbols acknowledges the difficulty of following one’s heart and the confusion included in that struggle.

Artist Bio

Shashana Jaffee Chittle was born in San Francisco in 1980. She received her Batchelor of Arts in Art Studio from UC Santa Barbara in 2002, and her Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Art at UC San Diego in 2006. She has exhibited in gallery group-shows in Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana and Chicago, as well as in “The Small Painting Show” at the Ulrich Museum of Art in Wichita Kansas, and “Spring Reverb” at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. She currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Stories in Motion: Art in Transit

Accidental Bloomington and Hoosier Cruiser (combined pieces) by Vilnis Chakars (3 years old); Medium: Crayon on Paper; Display: Internal

Your Art Here (YAH), in partnership with Bloomington Transit, is pleased to announce Stories in Motion : Art in Transit, a public art project that showcases on city buses juried community artwork that captures the spirit of Bloomington. Artwork will be placed on the outside and inside of Bloomington Transit buses during August, September and October 2006.

We are pleased to announce the following selections for “Stories in Motion: Art in Transit”:

  • “Blooming!” by Deneise Self; Medium: Digital Photography; Display: External, Back of bus No. 345
  • “Little Five” by Ron Firebaugh; Medium: Acrylic; Display: External, Side of bus No. 553
  • “Aglow” by Emily Goodson, Medium: Photography; Display: Internal, Bus No. 345
  • “Come Home Safely” by Bob Autio; Medium: Painting; Display: Internal, Bus No. 347
  • “from the Transmission series” by Elke Pessl; Medium: Digital image from photograms; Display: Internal, Bus No. 9723
  • “On Stage” by Olivia Evans (8 years old); Medium: Colored ink on paper; Display: Internal, Bus No. 9721
  • “I’m Nineteen: with Long Arms” by Justin Clifford Rhody; Medium: Carbon copy; Display: Internal, Bus Nos. 9516 and 9725
  • “Spaces” by Kyle Caird; Medium: Digital Art; Display: Internal, Bus No. 9514
  • “Accidental Bloomington” and “Hoosier Cruiser” (combined pieces) by Vilnis Chakars (3 years old); Medium: Crayon on Paper; Display: Internal, Bus No. 346

UPDATE (9/30/2006): We are pleased to announce that the following selections have been installed as a 2nd set of interior artwork for “Stories in Motion: Art in Transit” (pictures will be posted soon):

  • “Unity without Uniformity” or “Global Locale” by Mylo Roze; Medium: Mixed Media; Display: Internal, Bus No. 554
  • “fuzzy” by Ann Shedd; Medium: Color Photograph; Display: Internal, Bus No. 348
  • “Untitled” from S291 Photography (masks) by Ashley E. Roudebush; Medium: Black and White Photograph; Display: Internal, Bus No. 555
  • “Purple Life/Cutters/Lily Pond” by Carol Hedin; Medium: Color Photograph; Display: Internal, Bus No. 241
  • “Bloomington Blue” by Lee Chapman; Medium: Digital Image; Display: Internal, Bus No. 243

All buses for “Stories in Motion: Art in Transit” are on city routes 1 thru 5 and on Indiana University routes 6 and C. Visit Bloomington Transit route maps for more information.

Important Dates

  • August-October 2006: Artwork displayed inside and outside of city buses


Funding for this project is provided by a grant from the Bloomington Community Arts Commission and contributions from supporters of Your Art Here. Additional support is provided by Bloomington Transit and Crosstown Communications.

Thanks to the Banneker Community Center, John Waldron Art Center, Monroe County Public Library and Rhino’s Youth Center for serving as contact points for the community.

Stories in Motion: Art in Transit



 Press Release [pdf, 44k]
 Public Service Announcement [pdf, 76k]
 High-Resolution Images for Print