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Your Art Here is a volunteer-run, non-profit public art organization. We need and are always looking for fresh insight and help from people like you. Volunteer activities range from mailings and mounting exhibits to helping with fundraising events and working with local kids during Youth Art Month…The list goes on.

Help us out! Contact us to learn more.

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

Aside from the casual volunteer, whom we depend on greatly, YAH often has specific needs that can be completed as a for-credit internship and practicum, or simply more substantial volunteer opportunities to enhance the resume and portfolio. YAH has successfully worked with students from Indiana University’s Arts Administration program, Fine Arts and the School of Library and Information Science, and we are always looking for ways to tap into other volunteer/internship networks.

If you are interested in any of these, please contact us and reference the volunteer opportunity of interest.

Publicity Coordinator

  • Develop publicity plan for organization as a whole and budget
  • Research innovative membership models for Your Art Here; Implement membership model
  • Create public relations materials including press releases, public announcements, newsletters and website content for dissemination on specific projects and the organization as a whole;
  • Create print materials such as postcards, brochures, flyers, etc.; Disseminate publicity materials via email and/or post
  • Coordinate with local arts-related organizations for ways to mutually promote
  • Coordinate with Your Art Here staff on membership and outreach strategies
  • Assess the Your Art Here web site to ensure optimal impact for artists and members of the community
  • Review our existing media database; update/augment media contact information

Development Coordinator

  • Assist in the developing of a strategic plan as well as business plans for sustaining ongoing and emerging projects
  • Assist in defining a global operating budget
  • Identify fundraising strategies
  • Plan and execute fundraiser
  • Research grant opportunities; Assist in writing grant proposals
  • Identify innovative membership models for a place-less organization

Program Coordinator

Billboard 101

  • Prepare thematic call for art or curate exhibitions for billboard 101 (quarterly rotation)
  • Devise selection guidelines; serve as jurors
  • Propose exhibition schedule for the year
  • Develop plan, including partnership agreements, budget, installation, artist contracts
  • Contact artist for feature on web site; maintain web site
  • Prepare publicity materials; disseminate 

Billboard Generation (Fall semester)
  • Create/compile materials for K-12 teachers including lesson plans, flyers, entry forms, etc.; Distribute materials; Coordinate with local organizations to serve as pick-up/drop-off centers
  • Develop art workshop activities and lesson plans
  • Engage in outreach with local K-12 teachers, home school organizations and partnering organizations such as Rhino’s, Monroe County Public Library, Waldron, etc.
  • Cultivate partnerships with local organizations for in-kind and monetary support
  • Investigate funding opportunities; grant-writing
  • Prepare publicity materials; disseminate
Billboard Generation (Spring semester)
  • Contact commercial billboard outfitters in Bloomington and Indianapolis; negotiate rates; prepare contracts
  • Help run art workshops
  • Assist in devising selection guidelines; serve as jurors
  • Digitize art work, format for billboard printing
  • Coordinate with Indianapolis and Bloomington art centers for exhibition; curate exhibition; help mount and dismount exhibitions;
  • Coordinate award ceremonies in conjunction with exhibition opening
  • Prepare publicity materials; disseminate

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