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Since 2002, Your Art Here (YAH) has founded three community-run-artist-billboards in Bloomington and Indianapolis, and has exhibited over 50 art billboards on YAH billboards and on commercial for-rent billboards. In 2006, Your Art Here displayed art on city buses for the first time.

Mission Statement

Your Art Here is an Indiana-based non-profit public art organization created to provide local communities with an opportunity to engage in visual, public dialogue through the use of billboards and other public spaces.

Our mission is to extend visual expression beyond traditional museum and gallery spaces in order to create a public venue where art and ideas can be expressed freely.


Mia Beach
Curatorial Director (2016-Present)

Previous Curatorial Directors include: Ana Meza and Rose Harding (?), Katelyn Greenberg and Mitch Meyers (?), Jessica Frelund (2014–?), and Natalie Hegert (2012–14).

Previous coordinators include: Leslie Sharpe (2005–10), Michelle Dalmau (2005–09), Julie Hardesty (2005–09) and Brad Wicklund (2006–11), Tamara Lopez (2005), Shana Berger (2002–05), Alyssa Hill (2002–05), Owen Mundy (2002–05, 2006–11 (board), 2012–present) and Nathan Purath (2002–05).

Your Art Here was founded in September 2002, by Shana Berger, Alyssa Hill, Owen Mundy, and Nathan Purath

Your Art Here is an all-volunteer organization and couldn’t have been possible without the help of amazing members of our community: Kara Alexander, Angela Edwards, Dita Ayudya, Tom, Sherrie, and Vickie Battista, Brian Berger, Chris Berger, Rachel Brewer, Kristin Cotterell, Rick Dietz, Rob Dietz, Mike East, Rachel Ellison, Vicki Gannon, Michelle Graves, Elizabeth Gray, Eric Guido, Shelley Harrison, Nick Henning, Cliff Ingham, Colleen Jankovic, John Johnson, Stephanie Kirby, Mike Klinge, Susana LaLuz, Jared Landberg, John Landis, Tamara Lopez, Sally McSpadden, Mark Rice, Nikki Roberg, Melanie Schlosser, Ian Sienicki, Clara Taylor, Mark Tschida, Rasma Vitols, Jim Vyverberg, Youle Wang, Jeff Wolin, Brent Woodall and Cinnamon Zook

Friends & Supporters

Art HospitalBloomington Area Arts Council, Bloomington Community Arts Commission,Bloomington TransitRhino’s Youth Center & All-Ages Music Club, Boomerang Hair, Bicycle GarageJohn Walsh and the Sinkholes, Sophia Travis, BJ Sunfire, Jack Flannel, Sam Lowry & the Circumstance, The Binkleys, The Impossible Shapes, The Decanters, The Neophytes, The Coke Dares, The Hoosier Hotcakes, The NicotonesIU SoFA GalleryPygmalions art suppliesBoxcar BooksPrimary ColoursNewspace Center for PhotographyMunicipal WorkshopFriends of Art BookstoreIndiana University School of Fine ArtsHarmony Education CenterMonroe County Community School CorporationWFHB Public RadioIndiana Daily StudentAdbustersJohn Waldron Arts Center,


Tom Battista and Downtown 101, LLC for providing community art billboard spaces!

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