Stories in Motion: Art in Transit

Accidental Bloomington and Hoosier Cruiser (combined pieces) by Vilnis Chakars (3 years old); Medium: Crayon on Paper; Display: Internal

Your Art Here (YAH), in partnership with Bloomington Transit, is pleased to announce Stories in Motion : Art in Transit, a public art project that showcases on city buses juried community artwork that captures the spirit of Bloomington. Artwork will be placed on the outside and inside of Bloomington Transit buses during August, September and October 2006.

We are pleased to announce the following selections for “Stories in Motion: Art in Transit”:

  • “Blooming!” by Deneise Self; Medium: Digital Photography; Display: External, Back of bus No. 345
  • “Little Five” by Ron Firebaugh; Medium: Acrylic; Display: External, Side of bus No. 553
  • “Aglow” by Emily Goodson, Medium: Photography; Display: Internal, Bus No. 345
  • “Come Home Safely” by Bob Autio; Medium: Painting; Display: Internal, Bus No. 347
  • “from the Transmission series” by Elke Pessl; Medium: Digital image from photograms; Display: Internal, Bus No. 9723
  • “On Stage” by Olivia Evans (8 years old); Medium: Colored ink on paper; Display: Internal, Bus No. 9721
  • “I’m Nineteen: with Long Arms” by Justin Clifford Rhody; Medium: Carbon copy; Display: Internal, Bus Nos. 9516 and 9725
  • “Spaces” by Kyle Caird; Medium: Digital Art; Display: Internal, Bus No. 9514
  • “Accidental Bloomington” and “Hoosier Cruiser” (combined pieces) by Vilnis Chakars (3 years old); Medium: Crayon on Paper; Display: Internal, Bus No. 346

UPDATE (9/30/2006): We are pleased to announce that the following selections have been installed as a 2nd set of interior artwork for “Stories in Motion: Art in Transit” (pictures will be posted soon):

  • “Unity without Uniformity” or “Global Locale” by Mylo Roze; Medium: Mixed Media; Display: Internal, Bus No. 554
  • “fuzzy” by Ann Shedd; Medium: Color Photograph; Display: Internal, Bus No. 348
  • “Untitled” from S291 Photography (masks) by Ashley E. Roudebush; Medium: Black and White Photograph; Display: Internal, Bus No. 555
  • “Purple Life/Cutters/Lily Pond” by Carol Hedin; Medium: Color Photograph; Display: Internal, Bus No. 241
  • “Bloomington Blue” by Lee Chapman; Medium: Digital Image; Display: Internal, Bus No. 243

All buses for “Stories in Motion: Art in Transit” are on city routes 1 thru 5 and on Indiana University routes 6 and C. Visit Bloomington Transit route maps for more information.

Important Dates

  • August-October 2006: Artwork displayed inside and outside of city buses


Funding for this project is provided by a grant from the Bloomington Community Arts Commission and contributions from supporters of Your Art Here. Additional support is provided by Bloomington Transit and Crosstown Communications.

Thanks to the Banneker Community Center, John Waldron Art Center, Monroe County Public Library and Rhino’s Youth Center for serving as contact points for the community.

Stories in Motion: Art in Transit



 Press Release [pdf, 44k]
 Public Service Announcement [pdf, 76k]
 High-Resolution Images for Print

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