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Billboard 101: Michael Stamper

Use It Up! by Michael Stamper


November 2008 through February 2009
Your Art Here presents Use It Up! by artist Michael Stamper for the Billboard 101 project located in downtown Bloomington, 101 East 6th Street, Walnut/6th. The billboard will be mounted thru February 2009.

Artwork Statement

Use It Up! is about using up all of our non-renewable natural resources! Once all of our natural resources have been used up, the faster we can move on to new and better technology to produce the energy currently generated by burning oil, coal, and natural gas.

Artwork Bio

Michael Stamper has lived all over the state of Indiana. He received his undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design and Art History from Indiana University, Bloomington (IUB) in 2001. Afterwards he went off into the “real” world and worked for IUB as a designer for five years. During this period he also applied and got accepted in the Graphic Design MFA program at IUB. He graduated (again) in Spring 2008 and now works for Hirons & Company as an Art Director/Designer in Indianapolis.

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