Your Art Here puts art on billboards and other public spaces usually reserved for commercial messages.

Fall 2016 Billboard: Vik Muniz

Fall 2016 Billboard: Vik Muniz, Guernica after Pablo Picasso (Gordian Puzzles)
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Summer 2018 Billboard: Vaquitas, by Marius Mason

The Summer 2018 billboard featured a painting by Marius Mason.

The Summer 2018 billboard was a painting by transgender political prisoner Marius Mason, a former Bloomington resident, and currently a transgender political prisoner. A prolific painter and environmental activist, Mason depicted this vaquita- an endangered animal with less than 15 left worldwide, as of March 2018.

You can find out more about Marius Mason here:

You can find out more about the vaquita here:

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Spring 2018 Billboard: Juvenile In Justice

Spring 2018 billboard- Juvenile in Justice, by Richard Ross

Richard Ross’s series on juvenile incarceration was featured on the Spring 2018 Your Art Here billboard. Ross visited Bloomington in conjunction with the billboard, giving a series of speaking engagements on his experiences documenting juvenile detention facilities.

You can see more of Ross’s work on the subject here:

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