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Only Answer the Question Asked

1381511_10153702747594232_2475896361231476870_nJoin artist KEITH ALLyN SPENCER to witness “Only Answer the Question Asked.”

Keith says, “I will bring the coffee AND donuts, you just bring your sleepy head. Join me Sunday 3/20 morning while I paint a billboard space on the corner of 6th and Walnut.” If that’s not tempting enough, read about Keith’s disruption of space below and RSVP to his Facebook event to stay in the loop.


There is nothing here about saving children from bleating bombs in religious lands, or even about quote unquote natives screaming at quote unquote illegals to stop taking away veterans benefits. There is nothing here to show disdain for high capacity automatic weaponry being carried into fast-food restaurants scaring the souls of parents needing to explain to their children 2nd amendment rights written 200+ years ago. This is a political statement about political positioning – the positioning of power and privilege — privileged way too much to truly know discomfort and discrimination. Thus and hereby, are the effects of such a position:

This work is disrupting a moment. In direct contact and in the midst of global woes, they seize a time to raise questions beckoning to be answered against that which makes them seem utterly frivolous in comparison. It appears as a distraction; yet, there is an unmeasurable, indirect justice for this object to enter your space and begin making efforts of change. It is part of an unconscious collective made concrete and now exposed, shared and given, injected at times without notice or desire. Its potential will unknowingly arise in others somehow somewhere, to help instigate eventual rise-ups and walk-outs in response to perpetual shut-ups and sit-downs.