Your Art Here puts art on billboards and other public spaces usually reserved for commercial messages.

New Billboard by Claire Fontaine

Winter/Spring 2018/2019 Billboard- Refugees Welcome by Claire Fontaine

We’re excited to showcase the work of the French art collective Claire Fontaine on this winter’s billboard.

The billboard, “Refugees Welcome” is a timely message given the current U.S. political climate, and we at Your Art Here find it interesting that, given the opportunity, this is the design Claire Fontaine created for a small Midwestern city.

You can see more of Claire Fontaine’s work through the years at:
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Fall 2016 Billboard: Vik Muniz

Fall 2016 Billboard: Vik Muniz, Guernica after Pablo Picasso (Gordian Puzzles)
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Fall 2017 Billboard: Recovery is Beautiful

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Summer 2018 Billboard: Vaquitas, by Marius Mason

The Summer 2018 billboard featured a painting by Marius Mason.

The Summer 2018 billboard was a painting by transgender political prisoner Marius Mason, a former Bloomington resident, and currently a transgender political prisoner. A prolific painter and environmental activist, Mason depicted this vaquita- an endangered animal with less than 15 left worldwide, as of March 2018.

You can find out more about Marius Mason here:

You can find out more about the vaquita here:

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