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Call for Your Art Here Curatorial Committee

Your Art Here (YAH) is seeking qualified and motivated individuals for the Curatorial Committee which will be responsible for the content and programming related to the mission of YAH. Applicants should be well-versed in the history and current state of visual arts, and be experienced in creating, writing about, or curating art of a public, or community-based nature. Positions are unpaid, and the terms are one-year, renewable, and begin as soon as possible.

Curatorial Committee members are responsible for curating and contextualizing YAH projects with both the local community and international art world in mind, as well as responsible at the operational level for YAH projects. An ideal candidate would have experience creating, curating, or writing about public art, and must have the ability to help artists lift and hang billboards. Knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite software is a plus. Duties are shared between the Curatorial Committee members and are as follows:

  • Work with other Curatorial Committee members, artists and organizations to curate and install artworks on the three YAH billboards.
  • Develop and execute creative projects in collaboration with the Curatorial Committee.
  • Write curatorial statements and press announcements to contextualize ongoing YAH projects for audiences both local and global, within and outside of the art world.
  • Maintain the Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Develop a budget and seek funding for YAH projects through grants, donations, art auctions, retail, etc.
  • Use digital tools (Photoshop, etc.) to represent YAH projects in print and onscreen (the website, social media, etc.)
  • Maintain the website.
  • Assist artists and organizations in preparing images for billboards.
  • Work with artists and organizations to ensure billboards are printed and hung correctly.
  • Hang billboards with assistance of the Curatorial Committee members and volunteers.

To apply please send an email to the following addresses with the following information by January 31, 2013

  • Subject line: Curatorial Committee
  • A one-paragraph statement
  • Links to related past work
  • Resume
  • Names and contacts for three references

Owen Mundy
Natalie Hegert

Hello Spring!

Spring Flowers Mural 83

Your Art Here is pleased to announce the hanging of a new billboard at N. 6th and Walnut Avenue in Bloomington, IN. The billboard, which celebrates spring with a buoyant display of flowers, will be on display through the summer.

The billboard’s design was put together by Pinnacle School art teacher Josh Hoering with his K-12 art students over the 2012-13 school year. From November of 2012 to February 2013, Pinnacle elementary and middle school art students created the compositions, working from photographs or from the imagination, starting with pencil sketches which were then filled in with paint; while Pinnacle high school students contributed the Hello Spring lettering, took photographs of the resultant drawings and then helped compose the final billboard layout using InDesign software.

Hello Spring is the product of a curriculum devised by Hoering which introduced students to the work of famous artists’ depictions of nature—flowers in particular—through art history. By studying the different approaches artists have taken to represent nature—from Georgia O’Keeffe’s lusciously abstracted large-scale flowers, to Vincent Van Gogh’s expressive sunflowers, to Andy Warhol’s flat and bold graphic style—Pinnacle students were encouraged to experiment with their own unique styles in portraying the chosen subject, ranging from more literal depictions, to art historical homages, to completely abstract compositions. The process was inspiring and enjoyable for all; Hoering recalls that “the students wanted to keep working on their flowers, and they wanted to make more.”

What is remarkable to see in the final design of the billboard is the stunning variety and range of flower paintings that were produced: some incorporated other wildlife in their compositions, such as butterflies, bees and spiders; some students chose the simplest of designs comprising a single flower against a stark background; some chose to work with a minimum of colors, others with an extensive palette; some worked with great detail and realism, while others chose a more expressionistic route. During these lush spring and summer months the billboard will offer Bloomington audiences a celebration of the season, a testament not only to the diversity of nature, but to the many forms of creativity that draw inspiration from our environment.

This billboard is dedicated to the memory of Sophia Travis, Your Art Here treasurer and great supporter of the arts and the community in Bloomington. In her years of service to Your Art Here, Sophia’s favorite billboard projects always included collaboration with the Bloomington community and grade school students, such as the Billboard Generation projects, so we feel this billboard is a fitting tribute to Sophia. We are honored to present this billboard to honor Sophia’s memory and her steadfast support of Your Art Here and the arts in Bloomington.

Portrait (DNA) by Christopher Serra

Your Art Here is pleased to announce the hanging of a new artist billboard located at N. 6th St and Walnut Avenue in Bloomington, IN. The billboard will be on display for the fall semester.

The billboard, designed by Boston-based illustrator Christopher Serra, pictures a map of the United States sectioned into a series of numbered columns and bands of color–representing a stylized version of a DNA autoradiograph. Presented in a public space usually reserved for advertising, this image will undoubtedly stir up questions in the viewer, but not ones that are easily resolved: What does it mean for the US to be represented as a DNA map? What constitutes the DNA–the cultural, ethnic, political make-up–of the US? For viewers who are unfamiliar with visual representations of DNA analysis, it may lead to other questions: Why would the US be divided into neat numbered rows? What could the colors signify? During the upcoming fall election season, these questions could potentially become more loaded, and viewers might respond to the image differently according to their political orientation. It is not the intent of this billboard to provide answers, solutions or clear-cut messages, but rather to provoke–via an ambiguous incorporation of geography and genome–questions and introspections.

Christopher Serra grew up in the Boston area. He is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art. Some of his clients include: The New York Times, Harper’s, The L.A. Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, The Progressive and The Nation. His work was included in The Society of Illustrators 48th Annual Show.

Your Art Here is an Indiana-based non-profit public art organization created to provide local communities with an opportunity to engage in visual, public dialogue through the use of billboards and other public spaces. Our mission is to extend visual expression beyond traditional museum and gallery spaces in order to create a public venue where art and ideas can be expressed freely.