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Call for Your Art Here Curatorial Committee

Your Art Here (YAH) is seeking qualified and motivated individuals for the Curatorial Committee which will be responsible for the content and programming related to the mission of YAH. Applicants should be well-versed in the history and current state of visual arts, and be experienced in creating, writing about, or curating art of a public, or community-based nature. Positions are unpaid, and the terms are one-year, renewable, and begin as soon as possible.

Curatorial Committee members are responsible for curating and contextualizing YAH projects with both the local community and international art world in mind, as well as responsible at the operational level for YAH projects. An ideal candidate would have experience creating, curating, or writing about public art, and must have the ability to help artists lift and hang billboards. Knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite software is a plus. Duties are shared between the Curatorial Committee members and are as follows:

  • Work with other Curatorial Committee members, artists and organizations to curate and install artworks on the three YAH billboards.
  • Develop and execute creative projects in collaboration with the Curatorial Committee.
  • Write curatorial statements and press announcements to contextualize ongoing YAH projects for audiences both local and global, within and outside of the art world.
  • Maintain the Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Develop a budget and seek funding for YAH projects through grants, donations, art auctions, retail, etc.
  • Use digital tools (Photoshop, etc.) to represent YAH projects in print and onscreen (the website, social media, etc.)
  • Maintain the website.
  • Assist artists and organizations in preparing images for billboards.
  • Work with artists and organizations to ensure billboards are printed and hung correctly.
  • Hang billboards with assistance of the Curatorial Committee members and volunteers.

To apply please send an email to the following addresses with the following information by January 31, 2013

  • Subject line: Curatorial Committee
  • A one-paragraph statement
  • Links to related past work
  • Resume
  • Names and contacts for three references

Owen Mundy
Natalie Hegert