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Billboard Generation III

Search for Truth, 6th St, Two Blocks West of College Ave., Bloomington, IN, by Amber, Harmony School; Photo by Stephanie Stanley

Announcing the Winners of Your Art Here’s 3rd annual youth art billboard competition, Billboard Generation III, beginning March 1st!
Your Art Here (YAH) is pleased to announce the winning artworks of the third annual youth art billboard competition, Billboard Generation III. In celebration of National Youth Art Month, YAH asked kids to make art on the topic “Free Speech: Voice Your Opinion!” Nine artworks made by grade school through high school students are currently on display on billboards in Bloomington and Indianapolis.

The Billboard Generation Project gives kids the opportunity to express themselves to the community through visual dialogue. We believe that expressing unique opinions, and giving a voice to every individual’s ideas is a patriotic and civic duty. Students from the Bloomington and Indianapolis community communicated their thoughts and feeling about a wide variety of issues: the importance of expression, gender equality and equality for the handicapped, equality for all races and ethnicities, the alienation of youth in modern culture, the obesity epidemic, and the search for truth in American culture.

By providing public advertising spaces for youth art we hope to encourage thought on how to enrich our community through visual dialogue. Through this project we want to instill in kids the desire, knowledge, and confidence that will allow them to engage their community and world throughout their lives.

Important Dates

  • March 1st: Billboard Generation III Opens!
  • March 5th, Reception at the John Waldron Arts Center
  • March 11th, Reception at the Harrison Center
  • April 9th, Your Art Here Art Auction and Benefit Show at Second Story, Bands TB
  •  Download the Art Auction Press Release [pdf, 56k]