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Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project: Judith G. Levy

‘He didn’t mean it’ by Judith G. Levy


July/August 2006
Your Art Here presents ‘He didn’t mean it’ by artist Judith G. Levy for the Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project. The billboard will be mounted July/August 2006.

Artwork Statement

In this current body of work, I investigate public/private domains. I am interested in using sign-making making materials and processes to address content that is not usually found in commercial signs, but instead, reflects the complicated, charged nature of our psychological, social and political worlds. The images often float in uncomfortable, ambiguous spaces that mirror our own positions, as we attempt to understand both the internal and external worlds in which we live. I have intentionally refined the imagery in order to create contrast with the complexity of the content. I am also interested in examining the changing nature of public information and private concerns and the choices that individuals and groups make in these arenas. By combining low-tech (drawing with a pencil) with high-tech (computerized sign-making processes), I underscore how our experiences are simultaneously simple and complex.

Artist Bio

Judith G. Levy is a native New Yorker and lived in the Hudson Valley in New York State before moving to the Midwest in1998. She has exhibited her work in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, North Dakota, Kentucky, and in Canada.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Drawing and Painting from Hunter College in New York City and a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Adelphi University.

Judith lives in Indianapolis and works full time as an artist.