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The Patriot Art Series

Does Your Vote Count by Shana Berger

This series of four billboards was exhibited on the YAH Massachusetts Ave. billboards, leading up to the November Presidential Election of 2004. Each piece took a unique look at the media’s influence on the mainstream perception of ‘patriotism.’ Lies, Lies, Lies, by Owen Mundy, Does Your Vote Count?, by Shana Berger, #2, by Dan Reidy and Wendy Taylor, andDang, It Feel Good to Be a Gangsterer!, by Dana Sperry and Chuck Jones


Politics, passion & property, by Paul F. P. Pogue, NUVO, Indianapolis, IN, December 15, 2004
Off The Wall: Stories Behind the Art, Shana BergerThe Herald-Times Scene, October 7, 2004

*The Patriotic Art series was a new Your Art Here series. All art billboards were displayed on privately-owned buildings in Indianapolis, IN. All art billboards were paid for by the artists themselves. There was no affiliation with, nor did any additional funding for this series come from, any outside agency including, but not limited to, Public or Private Corporations, Political Parties, 527 Organizations, 501(c)(3) Organizations, Educational Institutions, Churches, or City, State, or Federal Governments. Additionally, Your Art Here does not endorse any candidate for public office.