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Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project: Derek Springston

Talk Type by Derek Springston

Your Art Here presents OOPS by artist Derek Springston for the Massachusetts Ave. Billboard Project. The billboard will be mounted thru August 2009.

Artwork Statement

TALK TYPE was created somewhat as a conceited joke, it is not literal. As a graphic designer, I have been researching and studying type my whole career, throughout school and professionally. Therefore, I know quite a bit about typography and the typefaces themselves. I don’t expect everyone to know as much about letter-forms as designers do, we have an affinity for type. Trust me, I will talk to you if you cannot discuss type. But if you do want to talk about typography, you just found yourself a new friend.

Artist Bio

Derek Springston was born and raised in the small town of Holland located in southern Indiana. He is expecting to graduate in May 2009 with a BFA degree in Graphic Design from Indiana University. After school, he plans on venturing away from Indiana and try to make a living in the field of design.