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Billboard Generation VII

My Bus Runs on Lemons and Flys by Kate, 1st grade, Grandview Elementary, Bloomington, IN

Announcing the Winners of Your Art Here’s 7th annual youth art billboard competition, Billboard Generation VII, beginning March 1st!

Your Art Here (YAH) is pleased to announce the winners of the seventh annual youth art billboard competition, Billboard Generation VII (BBG VII). In celebration of National Youth Art Month in March of 2009, Your Art Here is asking kids to make art on the topic “Sustainability: Living in Balance.”

Chosen artwork from grade through high school winners will be displayed on billboards in Bloomington and Indianapolis during March 2009. Selected pieces will be exhibited during the month of March as well (details forthcoming).

The Billboard Generation project provides kids the opportunity to express themselves to the community through visual dialogue. This year’ theme, “Sustainability: Living in Balance”is inspired by the increased attention, both media and civic, given to the spectrum of sustainability topics, from global warming (Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth) to the discussion of alternative and renewable energy (2008 presidential candidates’ new energy plans), from “green development” of our built environments (U.S. Green Building Council) to the protection of natural environments, ecosystems and farmlands (Environmental Protection Agency).

Through visual expression, kids will be able to explore sustainability issues that affect them at a personal and community level. The topic is meant to encourage reflection on their role and the role of the greater community in achieving a balance with our natural environment.

Winning Entries for Bloomington Billboards:

  • My Bus Runs on Lemons and Flys by Kate, 1st grade, Grandview Elementary, College and 17th Street
  • Good and Bad for the Environment by Zackry, Charlie, Travis, and Myles, 5th grade, Templeton Elementary, 101 W. 6th Street
  • Alternate Fuels by Lia, Kate, Sophie, and Karen, 7th grade, Tri-North Middle School, SR 45 W, .5 Miles East of HWY 37
  • One Less Car by Nate, 9th grade, Pinnacle School, SR 37 N, .75 Miles North of 45/46 Bypass

Winning Entry for Indianapolis Billboards:

  • Watch Your Carbon Foot Print by Joey, 11th grade, Broad Ripple High School, 888 Massachusetts Avenue

Honorable Mention Entries for Exhibition:

  • Clean Air by Sydney, Kindergarten, Unionville Elementary, Bloomington, IN
  • Recycle Overflow by Patrick, 2nd grade, Childs Elementary, Bloomington, IN
  • Drive Less Ride Your Bike by Lauren, 3rd grade, Arlington Heights Elementary, Bloomington, IN
  • Colors of Deforestation by Susanna, 8th grade, Jackson Creek Middle School, Bloomington, IN
  • Feed Your Planet, Mind and Body by Holly and Leah, 7th grade, Tri-North Middle School, Bloomington, IN
  • Recycle by Sayra, Broad Ripple High School, Indianapolis, IN
  • No Matter How You Do It by Dalesa, Broad Ripple High School, Indianapolis, IN

Important Dates

  • March 1st-31st: BBG VII Youth Art Billboards are on display in Bloomington and Indianapolis.
  • March 12th at 7 pm: BBG VII awards ceremony at the John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, featuring the winners as part of the Monroe County Community School Corporation National Youth Art Month exhibition
  • March 5th-27th: Opening of the BBG VII exhibition on March 5th featuring winners, honorable mentions and a photo documentary of the BBG VII process by Crisia Miroiu, at the Monroe County Public Library, 303 E. Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, through March 27th
  • March 5th-27th: Exhibition of the BBG VII winners at City Hall, Atrium, 401 North Morton St., Bloomington

This activity made possible through support from the Bloomington Community Arts Commission, the City of Bloomington and by the Efroymson Family Fund, a Central Indiana Community Foundation Fund. Additional financial support is made possible by donations from Bloomington Bagel Company, Bloomingfoods, and friends of Your Art Here.

Billboard Generation VII also benefits from several successful partnerships such as the Bloomington Science Café, the Monroe County Public Library and the Monroe County Community School Corporation.

Thank you!