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*The Patriotic Art series is a new Your Art Here series. All art billboards are displayed on privately-owned buildings in Indianapolis, IN. All art billboards are paid for by the artists themselves. There is no affiliation with, nor does any additional funding for this series come from, any outside agency including, but not limited to, Public or Private Corporations, Political Parties, 527 Organizations, 501(c)(3) Organizations, Educational Institutions, Churches, or City, State, or Federal Governments. Additionally, Your Art Here does not endorse any candidate for public office.

Your Art Here is pleased to annouce the final billboard in the Patriot Art Billboard Series. "Dang, it feels good to be a Gangsterer," by Chuck Jones and Dana Sperry now resides on the 900 block of Massachusettes Ave. Refering to both rap music and religious billboards, Jones and Sperry use humor to question the motives and policies of our elected officials.

This billboard resides on the 900 block of East Mass Ave - check it out!

Additionally, if you would like to comment on the billboards from the Patriotic Art series, reply to this message and we'll post your message on our website. See comments here: http://yourarthere.org

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