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*The Patriotic Art series is a new Your Art Here series. All art billboards are displayed on privately-owned buildings in Indianapolis, IN. All art billboards are paid for by the artists themselves. There is no affiliation with, nor does any additional funding for this series come from, any outside agency including, but not limited to, Public or Private Corporations, Political Parties, 527 Organizations, 501(c)(3) Organizations, Educational Institutions, Churches, or City, State, or Federal Governments. Additionally, Your Art Here does not endorse any candidate for public office.

Wow, it's been two years since we started Your Art Here. This email is dedicated to everyone who's supported us and what we do. We hope you are all safe, motivated, and registered to vote.

In this E-mail:
New Your Art Here billboards!
Your Art Here Mentor, Osamu James Nakagawa solo show

New Your Art Here Billboards!!!
Announcing the Your Art Here Patriot Art Series! Four patriotism-influenced billboards will be hanging in downtown Indianapolis, IN on Massachussetts Avenue in the months leading up to the November presidential election.

America has a strong history of revolution. In fact, our founding fathers were revolutionaries who placed a high price on critiquing and changing their government. An aunt of mine once said to me that we she was growing up that she and her peers saw protest as a kind of civic responsibility. Yet somehow, today it seems that the popular definition of patriotism means a blind love of one's country. The dictionary will tell us that patriotism is defined as “the love of ones country, and the willingness to sacrifice for it.” One could say that all social change in America has come from those willing to sacrifice as they faced scrutiny for challenging the norm. In an effort to reflect on what patriotism means today four artists will have work displayed on billboards on Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis.

Two billboards led off the series this weekend (9/1/2004) - Does Your Vote Count? by Your Art Here founding member, Shana Berger and Lies Lies Lies by Your Art Here founding member, Owen Mundy. Both billboards reside on the 900 block of East Mass Ave - check them out!

Shana Berger’s Does Your Vote Count? examines the social values, freedom, liberty, and justice against the backdrop of the 2000 election incident...

Owen Mundy’s Anaglyph, Lies Lies Lies looks at the media influence on the spectacle of politics, life and death...

[ Red and Blue 3D glasses recommended, but not required ]

...And next up, in October, Dan Reidy and Wendy Taylor's #2 makes a humorous interpretation of America's ongoing 'destiny' to be #1.

Osamu James Nakagawa: MA - BETWEEN THE PAST
SoFA Gallery, Bloomington, IN
Sept. 3 - Oct. 2
Reception: Friday, Sept. 3, 7-9pm

Opening on Sept. 3 is MA - BETWEEN THE PAST, featuring photographic images from Osamu James Nakagawa (Your Art Here Mentor!). In this series, Nakagawa explores ideas of memory and cross-cultural tensions that he has experienced in his own life. These large-scale photographs include images taken by Nakagawa's father and grandfathers combined with his own. Find out more here: http://sofa.fa.indiana.edu

[pictured] Rain, (detail), pigment inkjet print 2003

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